What is the average age of a mountain biker?

The average age of mountain bikers in the USA and around the world, is a topic with limited direct statistical data. However, we can draw some conclusions based on broader cycling participation studies and mountain biking demographics – especially when combined with the results of several major mountain biker surveys.

In the United States, mountain biking enjoys considerable popularity, with nearly 40 million participants annually. This number indicates a strong and diverse age group involved in the activity. While specific average age data for mountain bikers is not readily available, let’s look at what we know…

VitalMTB represents a massive community of mountain bikers throughout the USA and the wider world, and they carried out a survey of their audience in 2023 that revealed that the average age of their mountain biking community was 41, with a median age of 42.

They go on to reveal that 7.8% of their extensive mountain biking community are 19 or under, 10.4% are 20-29, 24.9% are 30-39, 30.7% are 40-49, 19.9% are 50-59, and 6.3% are 60 or older.

Additionally, Enduro Mountainbike Magazine also surveyed their readers in 2022 and found that the average age of mountain bikers in their audience was 39.9 years of age.

Another data point that we have is that the American Trails organization survey of mountain bikers in Wisconsin showed that the age range between 25 – 40 years made up 60% of respondents.

I also found a University of Pittsburgh survey document uploaded in relation to the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, whose mountain biker respondents had a average mean age of 40 (with a range of between 19 to 76).

I’ve gathered together more mountain biking statistics here that you might find intriguing as I did too.