What mountain bikes are made in Canada?

While there are numerous Canadian mountain bike brands, most have gradually outsourced their bike manufacturing out to companies based in Taiwan and elsewhere, due to the much lower resulting unit cost to manufacture.

There are however still a handful of Canadian mountain bike brands which do make most or all of their bikes in Canada, and here they are:

Devinci Bikes

Devinci Bikes, a prominent name in the mountain biking world, originated in 1987 in Chicoutimi, Quebec. Born from the innovative minds of two engineering students, Devinci has carved a niche for itself in the cycling industry, especially in high-quality mountain biking. Known for their meticulous craftsmanship and advanced technology, Devinci bikes are a blend of performance, durability, and Canadian ingenuity.

A standout feature of Devinci’s mountain bikes is their aluminum frame design, which underscores the brand’s commitment to creating strong yet lightweight bikes. This focus on aluminum, rather than the more commonly used carbon fiber, differentiates Devinci in the competitive mountain biking market. The company’s dedication to local manufacturing ensures strict quality control and aligns with their environmental sustainability goals.

Devinci’s range caters to various mountain biking disciplines, with models like the Spartan for enduro racing, the Troy for all-mountain trails, and the Django for playful riding experiences. They have also ventured into electric mountain bikes, showcasing their adaptability to evolving trends.

Furthermore, Devinci’s presence in competitive cycling, highlighted by their sponsorship of the Devinci Global Racing Team, emphasizes their commitment to the sport’s advancement. This involvement in competitive mountain biking underscores their dedication to excellence and innovation in cycling performance.

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We Are One

“We Are One” is a trailblazing Canadian bike company known for its pioneering role in the mountain biking industry, especially in the realm of carbon fiber technology. Founded in Kamloops, British Columbia, “We Are One” has established itself as a significant player in the biking world by innovating in areas previously dominated by international brands.

The company made a mark by being the first in Canada to manufacture carbon fiber rims for mountain bikes. Their success with rims led to the development of other carbon fiber components, including bar/stems and, eventually, the Arrival frame. This frame represents a leap in mountain bike design, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation and quality.

“We Are One’s” manufacturing process reflects their dedication to precision and excellence. Their carbon fiber products are not only designed but also manufactured entirely in Canada, a rarity in an industry where many brands outsource production. This approach ensures strict quality control and demonstrates their commitment to local production.

The brand has expanded its influence beyond Canadian borders, manufacturing rims for other U.S. brands, indicating their rising prominence in the global market. “We Are One” stands as a symbol of Canadian ingenuity and quality in the mountain biking industry, combining cutting-edge technology with a passion for cycling.

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DaamBuilt, a custom bicycle frame builder based in Montreal, Quebec, represents the innovative spirit of Canadian cycling craftsmanship. Founded by Peter Daam, an experienced mechanical engineer, DaamBuilt has transitioned from its origins in North Vancouver to become a prominent name in the world of custom-made bikes. The company’s specialty lies in creating full suspension mountain bikes, road, track bikes, and bike packing rigs.

The unique appeal of DaamBuilt bikes comes from the personalized approach to bike building. Peter Daam’s engineering background enables him to tailor each bike to the specific riding style of its owner, paying close attention to details such as suspension linkage and progression. This bespoke approach ensures that each DaamBuilt bike is not just a means of transport but a personalized extension of the rider themselves.

The move to focus entirely on frame building highlights Daam’s passion for cycling and commitment to quality. By leveraging his engineering expertise, DaamBuilt provides riders with bikes that are not only high-performing but also aesthetically pleasing and uniquely suited to their individual needs. This dedication to custom building and quality craftsmanship places DaamBuilt among the notable names in Canadian bike manufacturing, standing out in the industry for its focus on personalization and performance.

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Dekerf Cycle Innovations

Dekerf Cycle Innovations, a prominent name in the custom bike manufacturing industry, is the brainchild of Chris Dekerf, a renowned frame builder based in Richmond, British Columbia. With over three decades of experience, Dekerf Cycle Innovations specializes in crafting custom frames, forks, bars, stems, and complete bikes. The brand stands out for its meticulous attention to detail and the high level of artisanship that goes into each of its creations.

The brand’s reputation for excellence was highlighted when it received the Artisan Award at the 2016 North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS). This recognition underscores Dekerf’s mastery in frame building, a skill honed over years of dedication and passion for cycling. Dekerf Cycle Innovations doesn’t just create bicycles; they create pieces of functional art, where each component reflects a harmonious blend of aesthetics and performance.

Dekerf’s approach to bike making is deeply rooted in a bespoke philosophy. Each bike is tailored to the individual rider, ensuring a unique and personal cycling experience. The company’s focus extends beyond just the frame to include the overall design and functionality of the bike. This holistic approach to bike building makes Dekerf Cycle Innovations a standout in the world of custom bicycles, reflecting a commitment to quality and individuality.

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Kruch Customs

Kruch Customs, based in Calgary, Alberta, is a distinguished name in the Canadian bike manufacturing industry, known for its expertise in creating steel bikes. The brand stands out for its approach to custom design, initially focusing on fully customized bicycles and later expanding to small-batch frame production. This expansion demonstrates Kruch Customs’ commitment to meeting the diverse needs of cyclists with a blend of personalization and accessibility.

The company’s range includes various types of bicycles, from gravel bikes and fat bikes to the unique steel full-suspension model, the Shrimpalicious. This diversity in their lineup showcases Kruch Customs’ versatility and innovative spirit in bike design and manufacturing. The focus on steel frames is a nod to traditional bike building, yet their designs are anything but conventional, blending classic materials with modern aesthetics and functionality.

Kruch Customs’ ability to adapt and evolve in the competitive world of bike manufacturing is a testament to their dedication to the craft. Their commitment to quality and bespoke designs makes them a unique and valuable player in the Canadian biking scene, offering riders a blend of durability, performance, and personalized style​.

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Mariposa Bicycles, a storied custom bicycle manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada, has been crafting exceptional steel frames since 1969. While traditionally known for their classic road and cyclocross bikes, Mariposa has also ventured into the realm of mountain biking, applying their renowned craftsmanship to this rugged discipline. This expansion showcases the brand’s versatility and commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the cycling community.

Founded by John Palmer and Mike Barry, and rejuvenated under Mike Barry Jr. and his wife Dede in 2012, Mariposa maintains its legacy of hand-building each bicycle. Their mountain bikes are a testament to their artisanal approach, combining timeless steel construction with modern mountain biking requirements. This blend of traditional and contemporary techniques results in mountain bikes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and tailor-made for off-road adventures.

Mariposa’s dedication to bespoke creation ensures that each mountain bike is uniquely suited to its rider, offering an unparalleled personal connection to the trails. The brand epitomizes the art of bicycle making, where each weld and curve tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and a passion for cycling. In this era of mass production, Mariposa stands out as a beacon of personalized artistry and enduring quality in the mountain biking world.

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