28 Awesome Mountain Biking YouTube Channels [2024]

There has been an absolute explosion in the number of mountain bikers starting up their own YouTube channels – from professional mountain bikers, to creative film makers, to everyday riders who want to turn their hobby into a full-time focus, and inspire others to get out and ride in the process!

It’s really just so fun to see it all evolving – and there are so many different creative and entertaining takes on what an MTB channel can be.

I love it, and I’m not alone – there are millions of people tuning in to this stuff every day, and that number is growing as mountain biking continues to grow as a sport.

YouTube is just so well suited to show off amazing trails, not to mention the insane skills of so many of these riders – with stabilized cameras and great audio now readily accessible as well.

And there are no shortage of mountain bikers out there keen to immerse themselves in as much mountain biking related content as possible – continuing to soak up the MTB life even when they’re not out riding.

I know this from personal experience – I must have watched 10,000 hours of mountain biking over the years at this point!

But importantly for me, it’s not just insane riding skills and big air tricks that get a following.

At it’s core it’s really about two main things in my opinion – creative entertainment, and helpful information.

And many of the mountain biking YouTubers we’re going to look at today provide bucketloads of both of these things, forming loyal audiences of fans who eagerly watch every new video that gets released by their favorite channels.

Interesting side note – these YouTube channels actually also attract a lot of views from non-mountain bikers as well, as they often give a thrilling POV insight into what it’s like to ride a mountain bike through crazy trails, and are no doubt getting shared a lot as a result.

So let’s take a look at some of the best MTB YouTubers around – these are all ones I’ve watched extensively, and I wanted to include a wide range of different types of mountain biking channels!

(NOTE: These are In no particular order, and of course there are plenty of other great MTB channels out there! These are the channels I’ve enjoyed the most lately, and I wanted to share!)

1) Nate Hills

Many would say that professional mountain biker Nate Hills really kicked off the whole mountain biking youtube scene, as he was one of the first to put out awesome quality stablized POV footage of his trail riding.

This was a dramatic change from the shaky unwatchable mountain biking footage clips that usually got uploaded before this (which I’m guilty of as well, many years ago!)

His videos crucially also had clear audio of trail sounds and snippets of riders conversation and their exclamations about the trail, rather than just wind noise or blaring bad music as many MTB YouTube videos had before it.

Add to this his obvious skills on the bike, and those of his fellow riders, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic channel to watch some great POV mountain biking.

Lately he has also done some very entertaining bike build videos, where he reveals a bit more of his very dry sense of humor – and enthusiasm for eating raw chilli peppers, among other things. I really hope he puts more of this type of content out in future, in addition to his POV videos.

2) Berm Peak (formerly Seths Bike Hacks)

Seth is very obviously one of the hardest working mountain bike YouTubers out there.

After building his own successful web design business he started making videos on the side while he was really getting into riding bikes – and gradually this took over as his main passion, quickly going full-time with it.

Fast forward a few years, and he has created one of the biggest MTB channels on YouTube, with millions of subscribers, multiple sponsorships, merchandise, mini bike park builds – you name it.

He makes excellent quality videos, with several very entertaining formats.

In these he showcases all sorts of things, his great skills on a bike, trail building, bike related woodworking projects, weird MTB product reviews – many with great storytelling and a heaping helping of personality and authenticity.

There is no doubt that with this kind of work ethic, range of skills and varied range of great videos that he will continue to grow this channel into an absolute powerhouse, beyond even where it is today.

Side note – Seth actually also has a second channel, called Berm Peak Express, which features different more experimental types of video content that he doesn’t feel fit the main channel.


Brian, also known as BKXC, is another of the first wave of mountain bikers to really take off on YouTube, and certainly for good reason.

His entertaining videos, primarily POV, cover his extensive mountain biking travels across the USA and around the globe – as well as plenty of his own riding progression, and trail building advocacy and MTB culture in general.

He’s talked in his videos and interviews about how he was working his 9-5 job, and had been tinkering with various online projects, including websites and other smaller YouTube channels, wanting to create a more flexible lifestyle that would allow him to get out mountain biking more often.

He then had a lightbulb moment, seeing one of Nate Hills POV moutain biking videos and realising how good stabilized GoPro MTB footage with clear noise-free audio could be.

This formed a idea that he could actually do this himself, and that building a new life for himself direectly around his passion for mountain biking could be an even better way to do things.

His very down to earth, genuine, and positive nature comes across clearly in his videos, as he weaves in all sorts of stories and history about the trails and regions where he is riding.

4) Backyard Trail Builds

A great YouTube channel I’ve start following over the last couple of years, run by another guy called Seth.

As the name suggests, he focuses almost entirely on building mountain bike trails in his backyard.

To clarify, as he and his girlfriend live on a rural Missouri property bordering his parents huge property (which he is able to build on), what he calls a “backyard” is basically an enormous trail building paradise!

His channel documents his building of mountain bike trails of all types, but most focused on all sorts of creative trail features such as wooden drops, jumps, wallrides, and the like.

Interesting side note – he’s also an indie musician, and his music accompanies parts of many of his videos. Really cool, obviously a very creative and productive dude.

5) Sam Pilgrim

With his characteristic gap toothed grin, Sam Pilgrim is a very well known professional mountain biker, focused mainly on his ridiciouls big air tricks and other death defying riding ability.

He has obviously seen the value in leveraging his exposure through his various podiums and riding compeitions, into building his own substantial and growing YouTube channel.

Naturally with his fearless riding ability he has no shortage of possible videos to make, whether covering events he is participating in such as Audi Nines, or building up a weird drift tricycle or other frankenbike cobbled together in all sorts of headtube-snapping geometry.

He also is famous for his bike builds, regularly getting sent new forks, brakes, wheels, frames and other bike parts from his sponsors – and building them in the most ghetto way possible on his UK driveway.

Using a brick to encourage a bike part to move, or “filing” off the rough edges of a cut steerer tube using the concrete guttering on the street are all par for the course on his bike builds!

6) Fabio Wibmer

With basically the biggest mountain bike YouTube channel online, young Austrian rider Fabio Wibmer is known for his amazing skill on the bike – often billed as one of the most skilful riders in the World.

This covers absolutely terrifying terrain or very high consequence urban stunts, to amazing trials riding, to huge air tricks – all woven together most often in extremely well produced and wildly successful viral videos.

As a result it is no surprise that he has such huge social followings, and no doubt earns very well from his channel and merch.


Eric, also known as BCPOV, previously worked in the video game industry, before building out a van with his wife to live in fulltime.

While working his previous job, he started his youtube channel, featuring mostly POV mountain biking footage from around BC, Canada where they lived and rode.

They now have been living and roadtripping in the van doing youtube full-time for the last couple of years, and have travelled extensively throughout Canada, the USA, and Mexico – filming their mountain biking and vanlife adventures along the way.

It’s been a really interesting look into the life of someone following their passion to do what they love most, as well as a great look at all the awesome trails out there.

Eric is a very skilled rider, and we most often see him seeking out the black and double black diamond trails – particularly ones featuring skinnies and rock slabs wherever possible.

He has also featured some trail building on his youtube channel amongst other entertaining things.

8) The Singletrack Sampler

Another of the original MTB youtubers, Alex is known as the mountain biking Jesus – with his immediately recognisable long hair and beard.

His channel slogan of “Live free, Ride hard, and Get Stoked!” sums him up perfectly – and gives you a great insight into what you’ll find on his YouTube videos.

He is another example of someone following their dreams, and choosing a path less travelled. He lived out of his Mazda hatchback (!) for 3 years, roadtripping and camping around the States riding bikes and starting his YouTube channel, before building out a van to live in.

His video posting schedule has slowed down dramatically over recent times, as he moved from primarily POV GoPro videos of his riding, to more story-driven, narrated videos with higher production quality.

9) Trail Peek

Comprised of two brothers, Zach and Dane, from California, Trail Peek’s channel mostly is focused sharing their very fast enduro riding and racing in POV GoPro videos with their community, addressed as “fellow riders”.

They clearly have many fast riding friends, presumably as part of their social riding and racing circles, as many videos we see them riding with others on various epic enduro trails, and absolutely pinning it.

Awesome to see, and really gives you the feeling of racespeed that skilled riders bring to their riding.

They’ve also seem to have a super chilled vibe to their personalities, which transfers to the feeling of the channel nicely.

10) Skills With Phil

Former professional downhill mountain biker Phil isn’t talking things up when he includes “Skills” in his channel name – the dude has crazy skill on a bike, there’s no doubt about it.

Obviously his DH days have put him in good stead to bring exciting riding to his POV videos, but beyond that he also has a wide range of other useful mountain biking skills which he aims to teach viewers of many of his videos – things like jumping skills, or bunny hopping higher and so on.

Recently he and his girlfriend have bought a rural property and videos on his channel have featured things like turning their basement into a bike workshop (and obviously great YouTube backdrop), and starting to build some MTB trails in woods behind their home, including some pretty ambitious wooden features and other trail features.

I should mention as well that in addition to his speed on the bike, Phil has an uncanny ability to absolutely launch his bike over obstacles in the trail.

Where you might see other riders chattering down a rocky trail, he seems to spend half his time in the air, turning all sorts of things into gaps, and then reconnecting with the trail at the perfect place to increase his speed as he goes.

11) IFHT Films

Matt and Jason and the rest of their crew of friends create a bunch of really popular MTB videos with very high production values.

Some of their viral hits include the “How to buy a mountain bike” (and other How To…) series, Whistmas, and other mountain bike culture videos loaded with in-jokes and references that only avid mountain bikers will get.

Super funny, and I’m sure they get a ton of shares of their videos!

12) Sam Reynolds

Another pro rider known for competing in big air trick competitions like Audi Nines and Darkfest, Redbull Rampage and other extreme riding, Sam comes across as a really enthusiastic and down to earth dude.

Lately he’s really been getting into his vlog, and when he’s not capturing POV GoPro footage for his videos, he is flying his racing drone around wherever he and his mates are riding, getting some amazing weaving angles of their tricks in mid-air. Super cool.

13) The Loam Ranger

Professional videographers Ryan and his wife Beth, produce a wide variety of content for their channel.

They incorporate a variety of perspectives of POV footage, from his more experienced riding to Beths more blue trail progression – and even their two boys featuring in some of their road trip and bike park videos.

They also share a range of videos on GoPro filming techniques and ways to improve the color and quality of your footage, and advice on how to improve your mountain biking skills.

14) Jordan Boostmaster

An absolute madman on the bike, Jordan is a very skilled downhill / freerider, known for his full send attitude and keenness for massive jumps.

He fully admits he’s not overly fond of the climb, but certainly doesn’t mind a solid hike-a-bike to get to a gnarly descent – preferably with as many old-school precarious wooden skinnies or sketchy jumps in it as possible!

15) Biking With Bobo

Bobo is a one of kind character, who painstakingly plans out the many shots and angles that make up his often hilarious videos.

He features his group of friends and his wife in his videos, as they get up to all sorts of shenanigans both on and off the trail.

Bobo also often includes plenty of really funny green screen moments and other made up characters – or pretends to interview various other mountain biking youtubers (also played by himself in costume/character).

He’s always keeping his subscribers updated with his progression on the bike, and as he battles through crashes, injuries and recovery, and as long as you’re aware his channel is not too kid-friendly, he’s definitely worth a sub!

16) Danny MacAskill

If you’re at all into mountain biking, Danny MacAskill should need no introduction – and indeed even if you’ve never even ridden a bike, there is every chance that someone has forwarded one of his numerous viral videos to you before.

Without a doubt one of the most skilled riders on the planet, Danny is a marvel to behold on two wheels – somehow always managing to come up with yet another creative angle for his videos, which usually involve a funny story or spectacular setting, in addition to being jam-packed with mind-boggling mountain bike riding.

One of the main things he does so well is to blend trail riding, street-trials style tricks, slopestyle jump tricks, and more into his videos.

For many years his videos have been featured by GoPro and other sponsor channels, but he has now started his own YouTube channel – wisely I think.

Presumably Danny intends to grow that into a giant following that he has ownership of, rather than relying on his various sponsors to look out for him in future – though I’m sure for many year ahead they’ll all continue to want to be associated with his fantastic ability.

17) Ben Deakin

Ben Deakin, aka the Deakinator, is friends with a bunch of pro downhill mountain bikers, and his videos typically focus on them all riding DH or enduro trails at speed.

Living in the UK, the videos are mostly from various UK trail networks – but they do go as far a field as Canada, New Zealand and wild races like Megavalanche!

18) Vancan

Yet another Canadian representing on this list, VanCan focuses mainly on his first-person POV GoPro mountain biking videos, with a sprinkling of other bike gear reviews and skills tutorials thrown in.

He really comes across as a very down to earth individual, and clearly loves nothing more than riding laps in the Whistler bike park trails, or getting out into any of the other gnarly local trails he rides in Canada.

19) Van Girl Yuka

I first found Yuka through one of my other fav YouTubers, BCPOV.

From Japan, and now living in Canada with her husband Eric (BCPOV) in a van, I believe they actually met in New Zealand many years ago!

As the story goes, she was travelling around NZ hiking, and Eric had travelled to New Zealand specifically for a mountain biking road trip – and managed to convince her to join him travelling around in his van!

They both now do YouTube full-time, out of their new van which they custom built to be able to roadtrip with their bikes and make videos wherever they happen to be riding.

Yuka brings an interesting quirky angle to her MTB videos, with Japanese language, food and culture references scattered throughout – and documenting her progression as a rider on more and more technical (and intimidating) trails.

Fun fact – Yuka’s videos are the ones my wife always prompts me to play on the TV instead of any of the other mountain bike YouTubers channels.

20) The Shredist

I first discovered The Shredist YouTube channel, after a shoutout from Seth (of Berm Peak fame) on his channel in regards to an interesting DIY mountain bike modification tutorial that he’d make, which Seth (and we viewers) noted was really slick and well produced.

That seemed to give his relatively low-key channel a real boost in viewership, and I’m sure would have been an exciting moment for Jim (The Shredist).

Now living out on a rural property with heaps of land to build on, with his wife Sarah and dog Agnew, Jim’s videos are mostly focused around an interesting mix of trail building on his property (including several creative and pretty gnarly trail features), a vanlife build, POV enduro racing, and other trail riding.

21) Matt Jones

Another professional mountain biker on the list, known for his jumping skills and big air tricks, Matt has a famed compound on which he builds some epic jump lines.

These include all sorts of dirt jump lines, and giant roll in ramps to huge airbag to practice on.

He regularly has his friends around (including several other pro riders like Sam Reynolds) to practice their tricks, and have a laugh.

Very entertaining, and the skills are ridiculous.

22) Remy Metailler

Renowned Frenchie Remy first appeared on most peoples radar through his mind-blowing sick edits from Whistler bike park, several of which went viral.

A highly skilled rider, with an uncanny ability to find and gap huge creative lines at speed, his videos show why it’s not much of a surprise that he has become full-time pro.

He’s also ridden out at Rampage and other events too – in addition to the racing.

Remy’s videos mostly are focused these days on all sorts of creative and often super gnarly trails in Canada, where he now lives.

23) Yoann Barelli

Another Frenchman living in Canada, Yoann is larger than life and brings unlimited enthusiasm and positive vibes to his videos (and I suspect his life as well!), even when battling through a long road to recovery from a nasty knee injury recently.

He is clearly very skilled on the bike, which all his enduro racing has no doubt contributed to. , He’s also living his dream – full-time mountain biker, YouTuber, content creator, coach – he brings great energy to his videos, and you can’t help but get stoked to ride watching them.

24) Cam McCaul

The star of many a mountain bike film, Rampage competitor, professional freerider, turned Rampage commentator – Cam seems like an awesome dude, who is really well liked by his fellow professional riders, and the wider MTB community.

With his excitable nature, and infectious laugh, he often brings together a world class crew of pro riders (his friends) for backyard jump sessions in the land behind his house.

His “video logs” feature a mix of these type of crazy riding events, and all sorts of other epic rides, well worth a look.

25) McTrail Rider

As the name suggests, McTrail Rider is from Scotland, and most of his videos are centred around POV footage of epic trails from his home country.

He also covers mountain biking trips he’s taken throughout the UK, and into Europe.

He’ll often stop and talk about the features of a trail, without it feeling too broken up – and he’s certainly not afraid to get stuck into some pretty gnarly rocky terrain. Which I suppose comes with the territory when you’re into mountain biking in the rugged windswept landscape of Scotland!

26) Killian Bron

I first saw a Killian Bron mountain biking video a few years back, which was one where he was riding some terrifying cliffside track with extreme exposure. Needless to say it had plenty of views – people stop their scroll when they see that sort of thing!

Most of his videos I’ve seen don’t have commentary, this crazy Frenchman just lets his intense riding tell the story. Enjoy!

27) Dangerous Dave

Another skilled rider out of Canada who enjoys bringing the more dangerous side of mountain biking to the fore in his videos is Dangerous Dave, who I only recently stumbled across. As his profile states, he’s all about riding skinnies, stunts, and janky trails in general!

Thankfully the Canadian wilderness is apparently heaving with insane wooden northshore features, so he has no shortage of terrifying things to ride.

It’s always good value to watch someone jump on a bike and ride freaky stunts that would have most peoples palms sweating.

28) Jeff Lenosky

A professional mountain biker, Jeff has 2 and a half decades of mountain biking career experience, and his channel “Trail Boss” is loaded with how-to videos, trail rides, bike tech and more.

Jeff loves riding technical trails, and has all sorts of challenges including climbing and so on.

In this featured video above you can see him take on the very intense White Line trail in Sedona, complete with skidding out of control towards the cliff. Oof. Enjoy.